Spend Management:

for the multi-location, multi-business unit organisation
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Learn how to tackle the issues that a multi-location, multi-business unit organisation is likely to encounter with spend management...

Managing spend across geographically-dispersed locations, multiple business units or operations in multiple countries results in special challenges that go beyond those of an organisation with a simpler environment.

Proactis spend management solutions are designed for such an environment. This paper focusses specifically on the issues that you, as a multi-location, multi-business unit organisation, must address:

  • The value and elements of effective spend management.
  • Why the centre-led model is the approach many organisations are taking today.
  • The special challenges you must address as a multi-location or multi-business unit organisation.
  • The special requirements you will have for supporting eProcurement support systems.
  • The strengths of Proactis solutions for your environment.
Spend Management for the multi-locations
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