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Freeing up more resources for vital frontline activities has never been more important

When it comes to procurement spending and the cost of business transactions, many charities, research foundations and other not for profit organisations are missing out on savings and a wealth of benefits. And this really matters as you try to direct the greatest share of your income into your core activities by reducing the costs of how your organisation operates.

The devolved, disparate nature of the sector brings its own challenges. Many organisations still rely on time-consuming and error-prone manual systems for procurement and oversight. It's often impossible for executives to get an organisation-wide picture of spending, prices, contracts and suppliers. Devolved purchasing of goods and services outside of agreed supplier contracts can lead to greater costs and risks.
Reduce the cost of how your organisation operates
Reduce costs of purchased goods and services without degrading the services you provide. Every penny you save can be spent on frontline services.

Deliver monetary savings, improved operations efficiency, and greater governance and risk mitigation. Effective procurement and spend management can be ingrained and enabled within your organisation’s daily operations with initiatives such as a control framework for the Purchase-to-Pay process, a content-rich marketplace, strategic sourcing events, better management of supplier contracts and relationships, and more.
We’ve teamed with leading not-for-profit organisations to make it happen:
Case studies
Our solutions don't just add technology for the sake of it,
they create savings, value and competitive advantage.
A national charity with approximately £50 million annual spend throughout five regions and 172 independently-run centres...

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…has used Proactis Purchase-to-Pay to replace manual, paper-based buying processes with an electronic process that is now driving increased policy and supplier compliance, improved budget management and spend visibility which is being used to better leverage organisation-wide buying power.
A global non-profit non-governmental organisation (NGO) headquartered in the US and employing over 2,500 employees...

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…working to improve health services in 150 countries has deployed the full suite of Proactis Spend Management solutions as the framework for the organisation’s worldwide procurement transformation.
A large charitable organisation with 4.5 million members, 5,000 staff and 62,000 volunteers dedicated to protecting the environment and historic properties…

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…used the supplier portal capabilities of Proactis Supplier Management and The Business Network for the first step in a complete source-to-contract transformation. This turned vast volumes of inaccurate supplier information into a sustainable central directory of active suppliers with up-to-date, supplier-maintained information for use in all procurement and finance systems.
A trade union that provides members with legal and professional services from many regional centres, executive districts and local associations...

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…went from a manual purchasing system to Proactis Purchase-to-Pay to support purchasing activity across its entire geographically dispersed organisation. Employees everywhere are now guided to the right supplier for what they need, and through the proper pre-authorisation process. Payments to suppliers are more timely and financial information is far more accurate.