Proactis spend management solutions for Senior Managers

We can help with your immediate priorities

  • Capture cost savings.
  • Cost reduction through process efficiency.
  • Achieve contract compliance.
  • Transparent audit trail for procurement and invoice processing.
  • Maintain full visibility and control of spend and purchase commitments.

Make considerable savings by spending smarter

As you know, organisations with a firm grip on their spending and contract compliance are proven to be more profitable than their competitors. This is why you need to assess accurately how and where your organisation spends money. Now you can align your strategic and tactical procurement processes seamlessly with your operational procurement and invoice processing.

Gain a full overview of your organisation’s expenditure and get a grip on your business spend.

We work with you and your teams to:
Create a 360° view of all expenditure and commitments right down to a detailed level.
Improve how suppliers are selected, how contracts are managed, and how the right information is made available to the organisation.
Achieve complete insight into your organisation’s financial and operational performance, wherever you are, based on real-time data and key performance indicators.
Have 24/7 visibility and access, from any location.
Integrate with your other systems for the best possible spend control.
Prevent unnecessary, unauthorised and fraudulent purchases.