Reporting and Spend Intelligence

A range of solutions for your Reporting, Spend Intelligence and additional needs
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Our intelligent software solutions give your teams more time to gain insights and add value to your business. We help you gain deep insights into your numbers and turn those insights into effective action - for better business results.

Get a 360˚ view of your business spend

Proactis makes it easy to implement and use an effective spend intelligence solution. The purpose-built software provides anytime access to reliable and up-to-date information about your business spend, including purchase orders, contracts, suppliers, invoices and more.
You get a 360˚ overview of all of your spend - in the scope and depth you need. With these insights, you can effectively manage the financial and operational performance of your entire organisation.
Ausgabenanalyse tool - 360˚ Überblick über all Ihre Geschäftsausgaben

Powerful reporting for insights into your performance and smarter buying decisions

Proactis' powerful reporting ensures that you always have the right information at the right time. You can get 100% insight into the financial and operational performance of your business.
Proactis Reporting gives you access to information from all Proactis solutions and other (purchasing) applications. The result is comprehensive, consistent data and a complete overview of all your company's business spend.
Reporting - ausgabenanalyse lösungen

The right insight into your procurement and spend

Proactis Spend Analysis creates the transparency you need to understand your company's spend.

It also answers important questions about procurement: What do you buy and how much? From which suppliers do you buy the most? Where can you make structural savings and how do you ensure that your procurement becomes more efficient and effective? 
Beschaffungsaktivitäten und Ausgaben

A range of apps so your Proactis solutions are within reach

Proactis provides multi-device apps that are fully functional not only on the desktop, but also on all other devices all are fully integratable with back-end systems and processes.

Certain tasks can thus be completed remotely via the apps, such as approving purchase requisitions and invoices.

Apps für das ausgabenmanagement
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