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It is getting much harder for organisations of all sizes to connect with potential customers, with online channels multiplying and buyers becoming more discerning. Identifying qualified buyers is time-consuming and expensive. Even securing more business with your regular customers can often prove to be a challenge.


Proactis Supplier Networks provide access to a world of qualified buyers who are engaging in the buying process - all electronically-enabled on an open, collaborative business platform for ease of discovery, connection and transaction. Benefit from end-to-end electronic interaction, including listing your business, through to searching for tenders, presenting content rich catalogues, electronic invoicing and real-time status updates.

Proactis capabilities:

Instantly promote yourself to over 1,000 enterprises.
Easily manage your company profile information for all buyers.
Market and sell your products and services more efficiently.
Receive and manage 100% electronic orders.
Present rich, visual catalogue content to help promote and sell your products and services.
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