Minimise supplier risk

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In today’s complex world, supplier risk management is just as critical to your organisation’s financial health and competitive performance as your efforts to produce cost savings. The negative impact of a single event on your organisation’s financial position or reputation is potentially huge, even devastating. Risk simply cannot be ignored, even while you work to reduce costs.


You can now maintain a high level of visibility of the information behind the key indicators of each supplier’s ability to perform and the likelihood of a problem, such as demonstrated qualifications and capabilities, quality and safety assurance processes, certifications and regulatory compliances and more. True visibility of supplier risk can be maintained through consistent, consolidated, and ongoing management of supplier information throughout the supplier relationship lifecycle.

Proactis capabilities:

Central supplier directory, contract register and information repository.
Supplier qualification tools to gain a thorough understanding of supplier capabilities, certifications, policies and procedures.
Sourcing and supplier selection tools to evaluate suppliers for their ability to deliver a particular set of products, or to perform a particular project or service.
Automated supplier and contract monitoring.
Supplier self-service profile maintenance with controls and alerts to make it easier for both you and your suppliers to manage information.