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In many organisations, invoice processing is the single most paper-intensive, “high touch” manual activity remaining today. Even organisations that have largely automated their front office often still process invoices manually. Companies that rely on traditional invoicing processing practices, which are burdened by many inefficient, manual tasks, find themselves at a competitive disadvantage to companies that have transformed this process.


You can now reduce the direct cost of invoice handling by automating the full invoice lifecycle from the time they are received to the time they are authorised for payment. Eliminate the great majority of the paper handling and create a fast, accurate “low touch” invoicing process. And the benefits go beyond cost reduction to create a cost management and information availability advantage that will help your company better compete for years to come.

Proactis capabilities:

Turn all invoices received into a standard electronic record for use in all Accounts Payable automation steps.
Automate the time and resource-consuming invoice validation and coding process, and give suppliers self-service inquiry capabilities to reduce inquiry-handling workload.
Electronically compare PO-based invoices to PO and receipt records, and non-PO invoices to contracts.
Quickly route invoices to appropriate people for discrepancy resolution and approval.
Automatically pass invoices approved for payment to the financial system to eliminate errors and delays.
Obtain reports and analysis to provide better visibility of near-term cash requirements.