Proactis reveals record levels of invoices processed through its managed service

February 2022 - Proactis, the spend management experts, has revealed a 78% increase in the number of invoices processed through its UK-based managed service team over the last two years.

“We are seeing unprecedented levels of demand and adoption of our managed service in the UK. This is driven by the desire of finance functions to focus on automation and control, while enabling internal people to spend more time on activities aligned to the specific objectives of the business. Supporting this approach with a proven, best practice Invoice Capture service helps manage the upfront capture requirements and to become a seamless, supporting function to the Finance department,” stated Angela Vinall, Head of Managed Services at Proactis. “In last two years, the volumes of invoices processed within the team have increased from 1.4 million invoices per annum to over 2.5 million.”

The figure, which represents an increase of over 78%, is spread across a number of sectors, with Retail, Property and Facilities Management, Housing and Public Sector processing the highest numbers.

The Proactis Invoice Capture Managed Service captures invoices and converts non electronic data (for example, paper, PDFs and XML) into eInvoices, and validates their accuracy. The service ensures that all invoices are 100% electronic, cleansed and available for matching/approval or pre-matching query resolution within 48 hours.

“Against a backdrop of the pandemic with the team all transitioning to home working in March 2020, this has been a huge increase,” concluded Angela. “The ability to add a service that enables organisations to rapidly capture and convert invoices into electronic data and images, delivering unrivalled control and transparency, has been pivotal in these unprecedented times.”

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