Automate your Accounts Payable processes

Automate your Accounts Payable processes, save £1000s and process invoices in days
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We understand your Accounts Payable (AP) Automation challenges:

  • Unstructured invoices – dealing with all types of invoices (which have no common format) across the supply chain is a challenge with many issues.
  • Paper and PDF invoices lead to extensive manual keying and associated keying errors, as well as misplaced paper documents.
  • These manually intensive, error-prone tasks lead to non-conforming invoices, excess costs, inaccurate payments and the risk of fraud.
  • Lack of efficiency eliminates the ability to take advantage of early payment revenues.
  • The opportunity for broader finance transformation is difficult until accounts payable processes are improved and automated.

With Proactis’ AP Automation software you can achieve:

  • 100% capture of all invoices from day one.
  • Reduced errors and faster invoice matching and approval.
  • Reduced cost of Accounts Payable.
  • Early payment revenues.
  • Better, automated cashflow.
  • Reduced fraudulent activity.
  • Complete supplier self-service.
  • Stronger supplier relationships.
  • Improved audit visibility.
  • Better data for spend analysis.
AP Automation - Integrate with your finance/ERP system

Turn complexity into simplicity

Our fully automated Accounts Payable software offers efficient invoice management which enables complete audit visibility, stronger compliance, fast query resolution (with a dedicated query resolution team) and the opportunity to support suppliers with early payment without adversely affecting your cashflow. Additionally, it helps enhance supplier engagement and reduce invoice fraud by eliminating invoice tampering, validating suppliers and confirming goods receipt.

AP Automation - Integrate with your finance/ERP system
What you can do

Supplier self-service

With Proactis software, quickly onboard new suppliers, allow them to edit their information and add missing PO numbers as part of a ‘No-PO, No-Pay’ policy.

Learn how customers utilise ‘No-PO, No-Pay’

Integrate with your finance/ERP system

Feed all eInvoices into your chosen finance system for matching and approval. Our solutions are system agnostic and are able to integrate with all ERP and financial systems.

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100% invoice capture from day 1

Turn paper / PDF invoices into ready-to-process electronic records using advanced OCR scanning technology. Further increase efficiencies by accepting eInvoices from source.

Learn how you can process ALL invoices

Turn your AP function into an income generator

Support your suppliers and generate revenue, by offering early invoice payment without adversely affecting your cashflow or payment terms.

Learn more about early invoice payments

A step-by-step approach to invoice automation

How do you go about getting from where you are today to effective invoice processing automation?

Proactis has identified 8 key steps to effective invoice automation:
  • Analyse current processes
  • Centralise invoice management
  • Standardise policies and procedures
  • Automate
  • Enable supplier self-service
  • Proactively request early payment discounts
  • Leverage information for better sourcing
  • Incrementally automate invoice capture
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Step-by-step approach to invoice automation

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