Tail-Spend Management

Eliminate fragmented spend and achieve savings
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Proactis has saved billions in tail spend managed for leading global enterprises. We use the latest sourcing tools and methodologies, category best practices, tactical sourcing desk, highly flexible catalog platform, growing supplier database – a full range of tools, to provide a highly effective buying experience to users.
Our unrivalled category management expertise and proprietary tools can be custom-configured to your organizations existing processes. The result is a highly tailored solution for tackling one of your biggest sources of incremental savings available.
With Proactis you can achieve:
Positive ROI and increased on-contract purchases.
Reduction in maverick spend and transaction costs.
Strengthening of procurement controls and standardization of business processes.

What you can do

Ongoing spot buys

A highly efficient spot buy desk targets identified savings opportunities using highly streamlined sourcing and standardized templates to run sourcing projects. A team of professional buyers consolidate the process and use a variety of best practice tools and methodologies to extract savings whilst meeting business criticality for every purchase.


Category-specific sourcing methodologies and tools such as contracts, rapid RFx, spend aggregation, global supplier database, supplier rationalization, electronic marketplaces and consortium buying are used to accelerate the execution of identified opportunities and deliver savings, measured in hard dollars.

Spend Analysis

Cleansing and classification of transaction data leads to more spend visibility. Deep-dive analysis identifies appropriate strategies at a category or supplier level to tackle the large number of suppliers that are not managed because the spend per supplier is just too small, as well as the highly transactional and fragmented spend, involving many one-off purchases.

Online self-service solutions

Purchases that fall below the tactical buying desk’s spend threshold can be routed to online self-service eProcurement solutions, which employees can use to search for and buy indirect goods they need. Maverick buying can be further reduced by the use of online Catalogs, Punchouts, P-cards and improved compliance management.

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