Achieve savings from tail-spend management

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Tail-spend is an area that is often ignored, or at least not closely managed, because there are so many suppliers and the idea of tackling them can seem overwhelming. Procurement professionals spend the majority of their time managing the big core areas of spend where the numbers are larger and savings are more quickly won. Even organizations that have gained a good level of control over most of their cost structure often lack visibility and effective controls over their tail-end of spend.


With a combination of technology and services, Proactis solutions are designed to help improve control and reduce the cost of all spend with all suppliers. In addition to the tools to streamline management of your core, high-value categories, Proactis provides everything you need to tackle tail-spend in a sustainable manner:

  • Increase the range of spend ‘under management’.
  • Reduce the volume of suppliers, orders and invoices where possible.
  • Much more efficiently manage the remaining volume of suppliers, orders and invoices associated with tail-spend.

Proactis capabilities:

Prioritize opportunities for savings with an early emphasis on ‘quick-hits’.
Make it easy for employees to buy from preferred suppliers, contracts and catalogs, whilst also ensuring compliance with company policies.
Free up time to apply professional procurement processes ‘further down the tail’ of spend by streamlining strategic sourcing processes.
Address categories using the best method for each - e.g. Quick-Quote for infrequent, higher value purchases and PCards for frequent, lower value categories typically purchased ‘in the field’.
Automate invoice processing and other Accounts Payable activities.