Take control of your purchasing through centralized ecommerce buying
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Proactis Marketplace provide a highly accessible, well-classified directory of goods and services in a way that makes sense to the accessing organization - to streamline the purchasing process and introduce spend control in a helpful way.

The categorization is specified by the buying organization and can be unified with industry-standard classifications. It presents a compelling and easy-to-access interface which helps the selection process within the organizations spend management system using B2C (online Retail) metaphors.

With Proactis Marketplace you can achieve:

lösungen für das ausgabenmanagement
Streamlined purchasing process and seamlessly introduce spend control.

unternehmensweite beschaffungslösungen
An electronic collection of items to purchase, which represents the goods and services bought in the normal course of business.

Unternehmen und effizientere Lieferantenverwaltung
Reduced administration cost and effort with supplier self-service catalog maintenance.

lieferantenrisiko management
Enhanced search and retrieval experience and deliver the same consistent, complete and correct information to every requester.

Catalog repository

Proactis provides a central directory of items representing goods and services to be procured by the organization. This can be hosted publicly or privately and may offer suppliers access or not.

It offers user-defined categorization, content-rich item records, extensive multi-parameter search facility and visual comparison of user-specified similar items to support informed buying decisions.
Catalog Management - Catalog repository

Catalog maintenance and publishing

Individual items can be managed and maintained within the catalog, and there is also a simple upload facility that allows buyers to rapidly upload supplier catalog files with minimum effort.

Offline catalog maintenance allows managers to maintain separate copies of catalogs prior to publishing.

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Supplier self-service catalog maintenance

Suppliers are often prepared to maintain their catalog on the buyer’s system, facilitating access to the latest information and pricing. 

This function is secured by the supplier, and any changes are subject to buyer approval before the new catalog goes “live”. The user interface for the supplier is simple and compelling and the supplier requires minimal introduction to the system before commencing use.
Supplier self-service catalog maintenance
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