mc2i selects Proactis Rego to improve its purchasing

mc2i, an independent consulting firm in digital transformation, has selected Proactis, the leader in Source-to-Pay software solutions, to improve its purchasing function and processes.

With more than 1200 employees spread over 5 sites (Paris, Lille, Nantes, Lyon, and Brussels) and a constantly growing workforce, mc2i was looking to implement a complete spend management solution to digitize and automate its purchasing process.

mc2i chose the powerful Proactis Rego Source-to-Pay solution from Proactis to manage its entire purchasing cycle. Proactis Rego provides control of spend commitments and the automation of supplier invoice processing, with its user friendliness and simplicity allowing employees to easily make requests, wherever they are.

mc2i will also use the Proactis Rego’s Procure-to-Pay and Accounts Payable functionality to manage :
  • Purchase requests, approvals and transformation into orders through a workflow system;
  • Automated processing of invoices including order-invoice reconciliation, accounting and sending of the payment order;
  • Control and analysis of spend through the management of budgets.
"We needed to facilitate purchase requests while controlling spend, as well as to process supplier invoices centrally. Proactis gives enables us to do this with a single tool that secures and centralizes our information," explains Vincent Terrier, Senior Partner and CFO of mc2i.

"We are very proud to have been chosen to deploy our solution at mc2i. It is a great sign of recognition to be selected by a digital transformation consulting firm. Our solution will integrate with the existing IT environment and simplify the end-to-end purchasing process while supporting mc2i's sustained growth," said Olivier Jung, Director of Proactis France.