Proactis spend management solutions for Procurement Professionals

We can help with your immediate priorities

  • Gain a clear picture of where your organisation is spending today.
  • Have full insight into the status of order requisitions and invoices.
  • Get a handle on your organisation’s existing supplier contracts and ensure contract compliance.
  • Prevent unnecessary, unauthorised and fraudulent purchases while maximising benefits from negotiated savings.
  • Save time and effort with an easy and intuitive online ordering process.

Simplify your ordering process with an intuitive eProcurement solution

A procurement platform offers many benefits when it comes to efficiency and cost savings, but a system can only be successful if everyone enjoys working with it. Not only does Proactis deliver an intuitive procurement solution, we help you standardise processes, enable user adoption, and provide training.

We directly support you in the change management process to make it successful for your entire organisation. You can achieve great cost savings, full spend control and process efficiency.

We work with you and your teams to:
Increase Procurement capacity: Full automation with less clicks enables more self-service buying throughout your organisation, while ensuring compliance.
Standardise on Procurement best practices: Dramatically reduce the number of instances where employees feel the need to ‘go around the system’ and make maverick purchases with a standardised, easy to follow procurement process with automated workflows.
Ensure everyone can use the solution: Our procurement software fits best with users’ day-to-day activities in terms of both functionality and user experience.