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Gaining visibility and control of spend in a fast-changing environment has never been more important

Higher and further education institutions everywhere need to reduce costs and drive up efficiency in a fast-changing environment. Changes in funding, greater competition for students and new development opportunities are challenging the way procurement has traditionally been managed. New budgetary and regulatory requirements also demand change. But transformation in the way spend is managed isn't always straightforward for colleges and universities, given the typically decentralised nature of these organisations.

Procurement and Financial functions may be devolved across multiple schools, departments and campuses. Faculties value their independence and set their own priorities. They may use different systems and procurement procedures – many of which may be manual and costly. But there is a way for education institutions to deliver change – and reap the rewards.
The future is bright for education
Find new ways to source, purchase and pay for the wide range of goods and services you need. Use new capabilities to more effectively operate your facilities, enhance your faculties’ provision and enrich your students' experience.

With Proactis you obtain the right tools to allocate more budget to providing an excellent education and ground-breaking research. You can manage institution-wide Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) processes, automate and transform the Accounts Payable (AP) process, leverage industry-specific marketplaces, standardise sourcing and contract management for all departments, and more.
We’ve teamed with leading education institutions to make it happen:
Case studies
Our solutions don't just add technology for the sake of it,
they create savings, value and competitive advantage.
One of the UK’s largest universities with 26,000 students, 6,000 staff and an annual income of £350m uses Proactis solutions…

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…The university has replaced numerous fragmented departmental systems with a common P2P process that now quickly guides buyers from every department to the goods and services they need using preferred suppliers. The solution also ensures proper authorisations, provides the information budget holders need to be accountable, speeds invoice processing and feeds everything into the university’s central accounting systems.
One of the largest higher education institutions in the Netherlands with 37,000 students and 3,200 staff in 11 locations…

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…is using Proactis solutions. This is part of a central initiative to improve procurement processes to meet compliance and governance objectives and drive administrative efficiencies. The Proactis Purchase-to-Pay solution significantly simplifies and streamlines the process of buying goods and services, saving time for the teachers, freelancers, managers and accountants who perform day-to-day purchasing.
A leading professional, scientific and technological university with 15,000 students and an annual non-payroll spend of £50m…

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…uses a Proactis-powered online marketplace to deliver ‘punch-out’ access to online supplier catalogues. The university's purchasers can access approved products, services and prices from within their purchasing system. Some 30-40% of all orders are now placed through the marketplace and the cost of invoice processing has been significantly reduced by an average of £6 per invoice by transitioning invoices to electronic receipt.
A local community and vocational college with 10,000 students and 650 staff is using Proactis Purchase-to-Pay…

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…as part of an initiative to streamline all of its financial processes. The solution also provides staff with a simpler way to buy what they need while following college policies and procedures.