Compliance controls

In order to truly streamline the procurement process, users throughout the organisation must be empowered to perform appropriate steps of the purchasing cycle. But without built-in controls enforced automatically by the supporting system, it is impractical to expect everyone to understand and comply with all policies and procedures. Controls must be built into each stage of the procurement process, and have the flexibility to enforce the corporate rule-book.

Proactis’ comprehensive built-in controls make it practical to ensure organisation-wide compliance with all sourcing, budgetary, and approval policies.

Financial controls

  • Automated financial account coding and validation ensures proper expense allocation whilst saving users time.

  • Interactive encumbrance/commitment checks ensure budgetary compliance.

  • Authorisation engine ensures that the right people approve each purchase request based on organisational hierarchies as well as type, size, and nature of request.

  • Invoice matching with automated exception reporting and troubleshooting ensures only valid invoices are paid.

  • Audit trails provide transparency, accountability and fraud prevention.

Buying controls

  • Catalogue access controls ensure buying from approved suppliers and established contracts.

  • Transaction templates ensure correct buying by supplier, location, item, value, account code, etc. for specific individuals or departments.

Sourcing process controls

  • Sourcing projects automatically direct procurement of items not under catalogue or contract through the proper procedure using a fully transparent process.

  • Organisation-specific rules guide users through the proper sourcing process for each commodity or service without the need to understand or remember corporate standards.

  • Authorisation engine ensures proper authorisations throughout each type of sourcing project to ensure due process and visibility.

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