A guide to building a Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) business case:

Property and Facilities Management companies
Spend Management is a journey, and for many organisations, one of the first, most important legs of the trip is deployment of a P2P solution.

The direct operational benefits of your P2P system will be to:

  • Make it easy for your organisation to get the goods and services it needs.
  • Prevent unauthorised, unnecessary or fraudulent purchases.
  • Help department managers effectively manage budgets.
  • Guide purchasers to fulfill their need from approved suppliers with a negotiated contract pricing.
  • Dramatically streamline the processing of invoices while ensuring only valid invoices are paid.
  • This guide is intended to give you a simple, straightforward way to develop a P2P business case.
This paper outlines how you can create greater efficiencies for your organisations through an agile P2P, drive greater value from procurement, and gain control of expenditure management. It also summarises the operational benefits of P2P for organisations in the Property & Facilities Management industry and how this could shape and transform your business case going forwards. 
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