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Procurement, otherwise known as Source-to-Contract, is more than simply purchasing products and services at the most favourable price and the best quality. An effective procurement plan can result in considerable cost reductions, better supplier relationships, better contractual terms and conditions, and more efficient processes.

Proactis Procurement Control solutions provide Purchasing professionals with the tools they need to effectively support the purchasing process, thus lowering the overall procurement costs and eventually achieving higher operating profits. Most importantly, they help the Purchasing department streamline operations and obtain best value through effective supplier adoption, evaluation, and communication. 
Procurement Control consists of a number essential components:
Strategisches sourcing software
Strategically source suppliers
with Sourcing software to get
the best value

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Supplier Relationship
Lieferantenrisiko management
Improve supplier relationships
with a streamlined vendor
management process

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Lieferanten vertragsmanagement
Manage and optimise
contracts effortlessly and

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Take control of your
purchasing through centralised
ecommerce buying

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A practical first step to assessing your Source-to-Contract process:
As a Procurement leader in your organisation, have you been thinking your sourcing, supplier management and contract management processes could stand to be improved? Or maybe that they desperately need to be improved?

Do you sense that those processes may be wasting precious resources (time, money, talent etc.) because they are not as effective or efficient as they should be?

If it is time to rethink your Source-to-Contract (S2C) process, our Assessment Tool can help you do that in a structured manner.
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A practical first step to assessing your Source-to-Contract process

A strategic, simple and transparent sourcing process

To achieve more with your procurement budget while retaining grip on your business risks, it is important that your needs are defined effectively and your suppliers are selected with care.

Every qualification requires a transparent process, from defining the procurement strategy to the proposal process and the assessment and selection of suppliers. Our solutions will support you throughout the entire process.

Purchasing software - A strategic, simple and transparent sourcing process

Every contract under control

You have carefully stipulated the best possible contractual terms and conditions with your suppliers, these agreements should now be utilised by everyone within your organisation.

Procurement should no longer take place outside the agreed contracts. Ensure you can effectively register, manage and communicate agreements with your organisation, while having access to real-time insight into all your active contracts and financial liabilities.
Purchasing software - Every contract under control

Purchasing, with more value

Get more out of your Procurement function by streamlining your processes using powerful Procurement Control tools for supplier selection and management, and contract management.

This results in improved business planning, more effective category management, objective supplier qualification, more efficient negotiations and better contract management. Our Source-to-Contract solutions will help you achieve your goals simply and effectively.
Purchasing software - Purchasing, with more value
Fully flexible Source-to-Contract processes
Procurement, suppliers, contracts - source-to-contract - processes simply flexible
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