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With Proactis Procure-to-Pay, also known as Purchase-to-Pay and P2P software, you can control the whole purchasing process - from order request and approval, to order creation and receipt - across all products and services, in one system. You can guarantee that your employees order within the defined procedures, policies and budgets. 

Procure-to-Pay is intrinsically linked to your operational procurement processes, from order requisitioning to the processing of the invoice. The solution takes the ‘online shopping experience’ for users to the next level, with features such as intelligent search functions helping the user to find the products and services more easily, across catalogues. 

The software assigns the correct steps in the buying process (guided buying), so that even occasional users can navigate the process themselves, while the order requisition process ensures that orders are placed with contracted (preferred) suppliers and as per the correct conditions (compliance).

Find out why P2P is the centrepiece to the Source-to-Pay process and how it can enable value across it all:

This guide makes the case that the route to maximum agility across Source-to-Pay sits with P2P as the ‘strategic linchpin’ - covering the key objectives in finance transformational projects:

  • Visibility and control of cost against budgets.
  • Visibility of spend through commitment account.
  • Better cashflow management.
  • Maximum efficiency of spend management processes.
  • Effective use of employee time.
  • Optimised invoice processing.
  • Maximising the value created by procurement.
  • Minimising fraud and risk across the supply-chain.
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Transforming P2P into a strategic spend management linchpin
With Proactis Procure-to-Pay software you can achieve:
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Full control of your complete operational procurement process.

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Accelerated procurement process and prevention of unauthorised purchases.

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Reduced risk of supplier non-conformance and non-compliance.

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Everyone in your organisation can place orders, through a user-friendly set-up, from approved supplier catalogues or websites.

Automatically allocate costs

Proactis will arrange the cost allocation for budgets and invoice processing automatically, from the moment the purchase request is created. You can then allocate cost centres to an individual user (for example, the person placing the order, assistant or budget owner) or to a department. 

Cost accounts can be allocated to individual products and/or categories within a procurement catalogue, so when the person placing orders selects a product or catalogue, the cost category will be entered automatically.
Procure-to-Pay - Automatically allocate costs

Approve requests, quickly and accurately

Many organisations overspend millions on procurement management, but with Proactis you have complete control of ordering authorisation, stock and budgets to ensure that your employees are ordering within the defined procedures - removing unauthorised agreements.

You can define the approval structure in the software based on product type, cost centre and order amount and a flexible workflow ensures that orders are always approved in accordance with the internal procurement rules. The software ensures that all users have insight into the status of their order request.

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Optimise your operational procurement from the order requisition up to the invoice processing, on the go 

The Proactis mobile P2P App means you can manage electronic invoice and purchase requisition tasks on your mobile device. 

Easily approve and reject requisitions for your department on-the-go; view invoices from your suppliers on your phone; approve and reject invoices; see approval comments from others in your organisation, and add your comments; approve and reject timesheets.

Create and book orders, simply

Once the order request has been approved it is converted automatically into an order. The flexibility of the procurement software means that one request can be split into multiple orders, depending on the number of suppliers in the request. 

Each order is given a unique order number that matches the order request and can be linked to your financial system. All orders will be entered automatically at the correct cost account and centre.
Procurement - Create and book orders, simply

Realtime budget control

Proactis provides extensive budget management and monitoring functionality and seamlessly links with our complete P2P platform for contract management, ordering, hiring of external staff, and invoicing. 

Budgets can be monitored from both the order process and the invoicing process, providing you with real-time control. Budgets no longer need to be manually adjusted each time changes are made.

More about Budget Management
Budget management - Realtime budget control

Streamline your hiring processes

With Proactis you can easily compose and register hiring contracts for your temporary worker without repeatedly having to enter existing data into the system. Workers can complete their timesheets electronically and, once approved, it is ready for processing.

The software will support whichever standard the employment agency uses for sending electronic messages, so timesheets do not need rekeying by the provider. Timesheets are approved by both you and the agency, reducing the chances of incorrect invoices entering the system. The solution also enables ‘’reversed billing’’, enabling to send invoice proposals to suppliers based on approved timesheets.

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Gain control of "after-the-event" purchase claims 

Proactis Expenses empowers employees to submit claims accurately and with ease.

This in turn, enhances the management experience by minimising the authorisation process and by offering instant access to overview reports.

More about Expenses
Purchasing software - Gain control of "after-the-event" purchase claims with Proactis Expenses
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What is Procure-to-Pay
Procure-to-Pay is made up of a number of stages that describe the end-to-end buying process, from order request and approval, to order creation and receipt, across all products and services.

The class of software systems that have come into being in recent years to address this important cycle is generally referred to as Procure-to-Pay or Purchase-to-Pay software systems – P2P systems for short.

Download: P2P – Get a handle on how your organisation really buys goods and services
What are the challenges that P2P can solve?
There are many challenges to bringing spend under contract:
  • Employees often make purchases without appropriate authorisation.
  • Many purchases are made from non-preferred sources and systems.
  • There is no visibility of purchase commitments until invoices arrive.
  • Costs are attributed to the wrong accounts or departments.
  • Value productivity is lost due to excessive time taken.
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Why should I implement a P2P system?
Procure-to-Pay is intrinsically linked to your procurement, from order requisitioning to the processing of the invoice, meaning that you can take full control of your complete operational procurement process. It enables the ‘online shopping experience’ for users and guarantees that your employees order within the defined procedures, policies and budgets.

You can also:
  • Accelerate procurement processes.
  • Avoid unnecessary purchases.
  • Ensure the use of negotiated supplier agreements and contracts.
  • Reduce cost of PO handling.
  • Ensure financial control and visibility.
  • Reduced risk of supplier non-conformance and non-compliance.
  • Improve data for spend analysis.
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How can I achieve an effective, agile and automated P2P process?
A good P2P software solution will provide automation - an electronic system that allows employees throughout the company to browse supplier sources such as catalogs and websites online to find, then purchase or request, the item or service they need from an approved supplier.

The purchase request will be compared to corporate rules based on who is making the request, the cost, the spend category, and other criteria. For approval it will electronically route the request to the right manager. POs will automatically be placed for approved requests. When the invoice arrives, it will be electronically matched against what was ordered and received, and against applicable contract terms.

The best P2P systems process the great majority of invoices “straight-through”, while automatically initiating workflow-based resolution of any exceptions. Once authorised, invoices are passed to your Accounts Payable function for payment.

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Does implementing P2P need to be a huge task?
Improving your existing P2P processes may seem daunting, but by identifying where saving opportunities lie within your organisation and employing a modular approach to automation, you can focus efforts on where you have the most immediate need.

Download this guide for a practical way to get started in the pursuit of P2P process optimisation