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Intellectual Property Notice

Perfect Commerce, LLC hosts its software in the United States. Software that is licensed to be hosted at a customer designated site is generally intended to be hosted in the United States unless otherwise noted in the license agreement.

Perfect Commerce, LLC and its subsidiaries, sell, and license access to, software products that are protected by the following U.S. patents and pending applications, which are licensed or assigned to Perfect Commerce, LLC:

7,013,426, 6,023,683, 6,055,516, 6,505,172, 5,884,083, 6,226,675, 6,125,391, 6,687,896, 6,591,260, 6,751,600, 7,594,167, 7,660,874, 6,993,506, 7,415,669, 7,036,072, 7,058,886, 7,237,191, 7,542,930, 7,047,488, 7,200,674, 7,444,522, 7,340,508, and 6,542,912.

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