Proactis teams up with Ecologi to tackle climate change as part of ESG strategy

September 2022 - Proactis, the leading Source-to-Pay software solution provider for mid-market organizations, has joined Ecologi to fight climate change by investing in viable climate solutions as part of its wider ESG strategy.

Based in the UK but with a global mission, Ecologi is empowering businesses to take action in supporting climate solutions. By signing up to the Ecologi platform, Proactis will compensate its carbon footprint, fund climate projects and set eco-goals. 

As part of this initiative, Proactis is planting trees to grow a “Proactis Forest” along with investing in wider carbon reducing projects in an effort to offset the entire company’s carbon emissions. In addition, part of Proactis’ contribution is used to support and finance various carbon reduction projects around the world.

“Ecologi is an amazing initiative that allows us to invest into something that really works,” stated Rich Hughes, CFO and ESG Champion at Proactis. “We’re thrilled to be doing our part in improving the planet as part of our wider ESG strategy, and I am delighted to say that we are now carbon neutral thanks to this new alliance.”