Spend management solutions for IT Professionals

We can help with your immediate priorities

  • Ensure maximum security and privacy of IT systems
  • Optimize the availability of your applications.
  • Benefit from flexible and scalable systems.
  • Seamlessly integrate with financial and ERP applications.
  • Minimize the burden on your department.

Gain all the benefits of your software, without the maintenance

As organizations change, you should be able to rely on solutions that follow the growth of your organization. Proactis solutions are agile and flexible, and you can easily add and remove modules and users as your organization grows. And you will only pay for the modules you use.

No matter how your IT systems are set up, the open architecture of our platform makes it possible to integrate flexibly with virtually any type of application that you may use, from financial software and ERP through to HR and logistics packages such as inventory management.

We work with you and your teams to:
Have secure access everywhere, and your valuable data is stored in well-protected data centers with extensive backup and storage facilities.
Seamlessly integrate with virtually any type of application – financial, ERP, HR, logistics packages.
Always benefit from the latest updates and versions, saving time and money, and reducing the burden on IT.