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Process invoices more efficiently and minimize the risk of errors
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Your organization can now reap the many benefits of eInvoicing while automating the administrative, resource-intensive tasks often associated with the process. Our solution enables you to receive invoices 100% digitally from your suppliers - your invoices are paid faster resulting in significant savings.

The portal provides a single secure inbox, where all purchase invoices are delivered and validated. We are continually adding portals and we remove all manual processes to analyze the document structure, information and formats.
With Proactis you can achieve:
100% digital invoicing process.
Faster invoice processing and payment.
Significant cost savings.
Reduced administrative workload.
An eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to paper invoicing.
100% visibility of expenses and commitments.

What you can do

Paperless invoicing

Suppliers can send eInvoices directly from their own accounting system, by email, through a web service endpoint. All invoices are delivered to a single secure inbox where they are automatically validated upon receipt. Once an invoice has been validated, it is processed as a draft and forwarded to Proactis Invoice Management or another invoice processing system.

Get suppliers onboard, easily

Any supplier can submit eInvoices, no matter how many invoices they want to send, or what kind of accounting system they use. Proactis gives you the tools to turn all supplier invoices 100% digital.

Outsource your invoice processing

If you don’t have sufficient capacity or suitably trained staff, Proactis can take care of your invoice processing for you. This service is specially designed for organizations seeking an efficient accounts payable function.

Our experts will guide you through our solution and answer all of your questions.