System Administration

Support for all types of system administration, from management activities through to operational tasks
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Proactis provides professional support for system administration, including a range of activities, from management activities through to operational tasks: 
  • Creating and modifying system users and authorizations.
  • Maintaining processes within Proactis.
  • Maintaining master data.
  • Creating, importing and maintaining catalogs and Open Catalog Interface (OCI).
  • Designing ad-hoc standard and bespoke reports.
Proactis System Administration also helps you serve your internal customers better. Our administrator not only takes care of the system, but also acts as a point of contact. This ensures faster service, satisfied users and a better (and more intensive) use of the solutions.
With Proactis you can achieve:
The required knowledge available at all times to keep your configuration up-to-date.
Fulfilment of your system administrator role - even on a temporary basis (e.g. to cover holiday or illness).
Seamless resolution of any problems and user queries through the Services & Support department.
Let our experts help you with your unique requirements.