Evolve your supplier payments
Control AP spend and cashflow, while eliminating costly, manual processes from AP payments
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Proactis Rego Payments enables superior control over AP spend and cashflow, by automating the disbursement and settlement of payment to suppliers, quickly and securely.

This smarter way to pay suppliers means AP staff can spend less time on inefficient tasks, and more time on the things that matter.

Evolving supplier payments into business growth

Ensuring a steady cash flow is vital to business growth. But managing cash in today’s complex and volatile financial environment is easier said than done. 

The inefficiencies and poor visibility caused by manual and semi-automated payments processes make things even tougher.

This paper shows:

  • How cash flow is critical to business growth.
  • How supplier payments can inhibit growth.
  • How you can optimize cash through supplier payments.
  • ‚Äč4 ways that Proactis Payments improves cash flow.
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Evolving supplier payments into business growth

Smooth supplier payment

Ensure that suppliers are paid by their preferred payment method by supporting multiple payment methods, while maintaining an up-to-date database to ensure invoice payments flow smoothly and on time. 

Continued business monitoring and audit trail for data hygiene and fraud prevention. Improve security and reduce fraud across payment of invoices.
Smooth supplier invoice payment

Better cash control 

Ensure better control over your cash and spending by taking the guesswork out of your cash forecasting with speedy invoice payment settlement and complete visibility into supplier payments with payment lifecycle management. 

Configurable dashboards and advanced analytics help you identify spend opportunities while supporting working capital decisions.
Budget management - Continuous up-to-date insight

Reduce errors and remove manual tasks

The solution enables you to eradicate sending payments to suppliers, manual data entry and inefficient processes.

Increase employee productivity by enabling staff to focus on more value-add tasks. Say goodbye to printing, signing and mailing paper checks - no more settlement headaches.
Reduce errors and remove manual tasks
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