Optimize cash flow and control Accounts Payable spend
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Proactis' Payments solution enables superior control over AP spend and cashflow, by automating the disbursement and settlement of payment to suppliers, quickly and securely. This smarter way to pay suppliers means AP staff can spend less time on inefficient tasks, and more time on the things that matter.

You can also offer your suppliers the opportunity to receive early payments in exchange for a small discount. This can transform your AP function to deliver real benefits while enhancing supplier relationships by helping them with cash flow – when they need it.
ausgabenmanagement lösungen
Leverage working capital optimization to realize benefits for you and your suppliers.

ausgabenmanagement systeme
Create new-found flexibility for you and your suppliers for using and obtaining cash.

ausgabenmanagement software
Ensure that suppliers are paid by their preferred payment method.

ausgabenmangement anwendung
Demonstrate strong corporate social responsibility by supporting your suppliers.

Evolve supplier payments into business growth

Ensuring a steady cash flow is vital to business growth, but managing cash in today’s complex and volatile financial environment is easier said than done. 

Now you can fully optimize cash through supplier payments.

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Evolve supplier payments into business growth

Earn supplier discounts for early payments – when you want to

You decide if, when and to what extent you want to participate in an early payment and discount.

When you want to internally finance early payments with your own working capital, you can do so to earn an above market rate of return.
Early Payments - Earn Supplier Discounts

Enhance supplier relationships by helping them with cash flow – when they need it

Suppliers can decide if they want to take an accelerated payment on an invoice-by-invoice basis. It’s a great tool, offering market-leading simplicity and speed.

They can simply accept the proactive offer to be paid in return for a small discount. It is completely flexible and available on an invoice-by-invoice basis. Suppliers will appreciate the flexibility you’ve offered them and you will be “easier to do business with” than ever before.
Early Payments - Enhance supplier relationships
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