Purchasing and Invoice reporting solutions

Full insight into your spend for smarter purchasing decisions

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We understand your challenges

  • Controlling costs is challenging when you keep track using spreadsheets and have manual processes.
  • Access to spend management information is not straightforward and disconnected.
  • Having no spend visibility limits the ability to achieve goals and improve performance, and spot spending patterns.
  • You have limited spend intelligence.


We have 
the solution

With Proactis, effective spend management reporting is easy to implement and use. You’ll gain access to reliable and real-time information on your business spend at all times, including purchase orders, contracts, suppliers, invoices and more.
A 360˚ view of  spend, in the required detail, gives you  the insight required to effectively manage the financial and operational performance of your entire organization and make smarter decisions.

What you can do

Access to information
at all times

Get insight into your business spend wherever you are. The information you need can be displayed in a variety of ways through certain filters and fields, so you can analyze and visualize data exactly the way you need to.

Single solution
for any device

Access your reports from anywhere and on any device and share your results with your team, management, customers, and partners.

Real-time reporting
for all your data

Data from your entire procurement process is stored centrally, automatically processed on a daily basis and converted into immediately usable management reports. Proactis pulls data criteria to give you a detailed overview of total spend over a certain period and each transaction can be drilled down to the lowest possible level of detail.

Smarter reporting  to capture, consolidate, analyze and share all your spend data 

With Proactis 
you can achieve:

  • Better insight into, and control of, your financial and operational performance.
  • Comprehensive dashboards, analysis and reports in a single solution.
  • Reduction in time spent on creating spend visibility reports.
  • Improved performance and decisions against your business goals.
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