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Software and solutions for your full range of Source-to-Pay processes, from procurement to payment

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Our integrated suite of Source-to-Pay software and solutions streamlines every aspect of buying and paying for all types of goods and services - from Supplier Management, Strategic Sourcing and Contract Management to Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) and AP Automation - all while eliminating risk.

Your Source-to-Pay (S2P) processes

You deliver added value to your organization by making valuable agreements with suppliers. But how many can truly guarantee quality, as well as cost savings? This is exactly what Proactis Source-to-Pay solutions are designed to do. Seamless integration of our Source-to-Contract and Purchase-to-Pay solutions enables our customers to realize the potential cost savings throughout their entire organization - in one platform.

process management

Proactis solutions are agile and flexible, and you can easily add and remove modules and users depending on your unique requirements. This may be from your Procurement team starting an auction, to digitalizing your invoice processes, up to your full digital transformation project.

Read how VolkerRail took control of it's Source-to-Pay processes with Proactis solutions.

One platform,
so many possibilities

Proactis S2P solutions are fully integrated on the same platform, allowing for growth and unexpected changes. Organizations link up different processes depending on their needs, regardless of their size, to achieve the ultimate goal of full control of their Source-to-Pay processes.

Read how Edilians manages 95% of its orders on the Proactis procurement platform.

Improved strategic and
operational processes

Proactis provides solutions for your end-to-end Source-to-Pay processes, from sourcing, to ordering, to invoice processing, all the way through to payment. We provide solutions and support for your tactical and strategic procurement, as well as your operational processes.

Our solutions and software fully integrate the procurement and invoice management processes, and this is where the strengths of our solutions lie.

Our business Spend Management software, solutions and tools enable you to automate, control, streamline, enhance and integrate any or all aspects of your spend management and procurement processes:

Proactis solutions:
Source-to-Contract Streamline your tactical procurement and achieve best value
Purchase-to-Pay Achieve greater control and visibility of your business spend
Expert Services Achieve best value from your Source-to-Pay solutions

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We are able to help reduce time spent on invoice processing with our managed or self-serve invoice capture solutions. We can digitize 100% of your invoices, regardless of the format you receive them in, allowing you to remain agile to the changing demands on your business. 

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