Spend Management solutions and tools for Construction companies

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As order portfolios develop, companies can look forward to more revenue

The sector is now under considerable pressure to meet the demands from private buyers and organizations. The labor shortages remain a challenge and still cause upward pressure on construction costs and low margins. In addition to the influx of personnel, innovation and industrialization are needed for a future-proof construction sector. The use of smart technology, new products and new working methods can increase productivity and profitability.
Civil and hydraulic engineering companies will have to meet these challenges head-on to acquire a share in the various government projects that are in progress. While there is focus on cost saving opportunities and rationalization, it is just as important during these times not to lose sight of your strategic focus. City center redevelopments are already under way and collaboration between construction companies, municipalities and housing associations are leading to a higher probability of success.
The population is becoming older, resulting in a changing demand for accommodation. New, fresh, innovative living concepts for young citizens and high-quality residential care facilities for (older) senior citizens are increasingly in demand. Sustainable building and energy conservation are also key, influencing factors.

Construction companies need to innovate business processes, smartly

This is where the opportunities lie, and Proactis can already see such innovative initiatives taking place at an accelerated pace. Due to the many and rapid developments in the field of IT, the use of standards is becoming increasingly important. For example in the Netherlands, a standard has been implemented to enable clear digital communication in the construction and installation sector, resulting in faster processing of invoices and orders. 

The use of spend management applications for communication about purchasing and sales transactions is central to this, ensuring that the “paper flow disappears” and that data is processed automatically. High savings are absolutely feasible.

We’ve teamed with leading construction companies to make it happen:

Spend Management solutions and tools for Construction companies

VolkerRail gains control of direct spend, suppliers and the order processing and indirect procurement costs

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VolkerRail gains control of direct spend and procurement costs
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