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Invoice Capture Service 

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We understand
your challenges

  • Eliminating manual keying in of paper and PDF invoices – 100% of them.
  • Invoice data capture is a lengthy, resource-hungry process that adds little value.
  • Time and costs escalate when invoices arrive without the correct information.
  • Errors made during the keying in process take up hours of admin time to unpick.
  • Streamlining the exception handling and approvals process.

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We have
the solution

Proactis Invoice Capture Service solves one of the biggest bottlenecks in the Finance department and it unlocks greater efficiencies downstream, all the way through to invoice payment.

Our managed service includes a dedicated PO box for postal invoices, paper-scanning services, optional electronic capture (for PDF, XML and EDI invoices), data extraction and cleansing, processes for exceptions, and integration with your existing Proactis Purchase-to-Pay system or other finance/ERP/procurement solution.

What you can do
Take a big step towards creating a world-class Accounts Payable service

Proactis Invoice Data Capture helps you to drive down costs, adopt best practice and put yourself on the path towards 'straight-through processing'. Put simply, it turns 100% of your paper, fax and PDF invoices into system-ready electronic records. It's accurate, efficient, auditable and creates scanned images of every document. Just imagine how much simpler and faster that would be than what you’re doing today? 

Start immediately - and get a rapid Return on Investment (ROI)

With no templates to build, you can process documents from day one to gain even greater value from your Purchase-to-Pay system or other purchasing, finance or ERP systems. Our Invoice Data Capture Service is highly scalable and can deliver value in other areas too, such as capturing data from documents for Accounts Receivable, Human Resources and Customer Service. Proactis can also help you engage with suppliers and encourage more of them to switch to purer forms of electronic invoicing. 

Accelerate the benefits by choosing a managed service

With our managed service, you gain the full benefits of electronic invoice records sooner. We take time to understand the intricacies of your business and tailor a solution that fits your needs and processes precisely, using best practice to energise the performance of Accounts Payable. And our data capture experts recognize the importance of exception handling as well as the power of technology, so every situation is well thought through and handled. 

Drive down AP
costs and adopt
best practice

With Proactis you
can achieve:

  • A combination of powerful technology and highly refined procedures to automatically capture and extract data from invoice documents.
  • An end-to-end process with no weak links.
  • Data extraction and validation using artificial intelligence.
  • Error and exception handling with ease to significantly reduce time and costs.
  • Powerful reporting capabilities to identify problems and bottlenecks.

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