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Spend Analysis

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We understand
your challenges

  • Analyzing current spending patterns by multiple dimensions is a challenge.
  • Data held in multiple disparate systems is incomplete and inaccurate.
  • General-purpose business intelligence tools can’t help.
  • Without a large internal effort, you are forced to ‘guess’ spend based on poor quality data.
  • A lack of spend visibility limits the ability to achieve goals and improve performance.


We have
the solution

With Proactis, effective spend analysis is easy to implement and use. The purpose-built solution addresses all typical data issues and puts powerful ready-to-use analytical capabilities into the hands of Procurement and Finance professionals.

Proactis Spend Analysis provides everything you need to quickly capture, consolidate, cleanse, enrich and categorize all of your spend data – from every disparate source, automatically.

What you can do
Bring in key data from every source

It's easy to import supplier and transaction data. Adapters are available for virtually every kind of system. You can also resolve duplicate records and fix incorrect or missing data. Then it's classified using self-learning artificial intelligence. 

Get eye-opening insights...in seconds

Proactis Spend Analysis delivers powerful insights from the moment you turn it on. Comprehensive pre-built views and KPIs come with extensive filtering, point-and-click, drill-down options, and instant CSV export capabilities. 

You'll know immediately if things are going wrong

Notiļ¬cations and alerts are delivered automatically to your desktop, tablet or smartphone. This happens when important KPIs go out of range or unusual ordering or invoice activity takes place. 

Use spend insights to optimize your procurement

You can get the answers needed to deliver dramatic improvements in your company-wide procurement strategy and day-to-day activities, from sourcing and risk management, to efficiency and compliance. 

Capture, consolidate,
cleanse, enrich and
categorize all your
spend data

With Proactis you
can achieve:

  • New supplier contracts with greater discounts based on your organization’s aggregated spend.
  • Increase on-contract spend from improved supplier compliance.
  • Reduction in unnecessary or fraudulent purchases through increased approval compliance.
  • Reallocated administrative support resources.
  • Reduction in time spent on data-manipulation tasks.
  • Improved performance against goals for use with a variety of supplier groups.
  • Reduced risk of surprise business disruptions from supplier non-performance or non-compliance.

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