Purchase-to-Pay Spend Intelligence

Get a 360˚ view of all your business spend

We understand 
your Spend Intelligence challenges

  • You want to keep control of costs, understand risks and monitor them efficiently.
  • Access to spend management information is not straightforward.
  • Analyzing current spending patterns by multiple dimensions is a challenge.
  • General-purpose business intelligence tools can’t help.
  • A lack of spend visibility limits the ability to achieve goals and improve performance.


We have 
the solution

With Proactis, effective spend intelligence is easy to implement and use. The purpose-built solution provides access to reliable and real-time information on your business spend at all times, including purchase orders, contracts, suppliers, invoices and more.
You can have a 360˚ view of all spending, in the required detail, providing you with the insight required to effectively manage the financial and operational performance of your entire organization. 


What you can do
Access to information
at all times

Get insight into your business spend wherever you are. The solution is a next-generation Business Intelligence (BI) tool, where you have access to fully interactive dashboards based on real-time data. The information you need can be displayed as you would like with minimal effort, so you can analyze and visualize data exactly as you wish. Your entire organiszation can use it, without the need for training. The result is the right management information for the right people at the right time.

Interactive dashboards,
as you want them

Our Spend Intelligence solutions offer fully interactive dashboards which mean you can drill-down to all figures and graphs in great detail. The solution uses association technology which allows you to implement, use and maintain complicated analyzes much more simply. It makes the interactive dashboards incredibly quick and puts an end to the need for time-consuming generation of reports.

Single solution
for any device

Our Spend Intelligence solutions work online so are accessible at all times, and from any location. You can share your results with colleagues, clients and partners whenever it suits you. Applications only need to be developed once, to be accessible for all devices, whether they be desktop, tablet or smartphone, so users can take advantage of a clear and consistent application regardless of the device being used.

Capture, consolidate, analyze and share all your spend data 

With Proactis 
you can achieve:

  • Extensive dashboards, analysis and reports in a single solution.
  • Reduction in time spent on data-manipulation tasks.
  • Improved performance against your business goals.
  • A simple to use but powerful tool.
  • Quick return on investment – you can be up and running in less than 30 days.
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Speak to an expert
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