Invoicing solutions

Invoice Management and Processing, eInvoicing, Invoice Scan and Capture and accelerated payment facility
Proactis provides a range of invoicing solutions and added capabilities for streamlining the whole invoicing process from initial receipt to passing for payment of invoices. You can optimize cash flows, minimize risks and improve productivity as well as achieving savings. Real-time visibility of expenses and purchase commitments and a clear audit trail supports accurate reporting of your financial data:
Invoice Capture Drive down costs and increase 'straight-through' processing
Invoice Management Streamline invoice processing and management and gain real-time visibility
eInvoicing Portal Process invoices more efficiently and minimize the risk of errors
Accelerated Payment Facility Create convenient, frictionless cash flow through Accounts Payable (Coming soon)
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We are able to help reduce time spent on invoice processing with our managed or self-serve invoice capture solutions. We can digitize 100% of your invoices, regardless of the format you receive them in, allowing you to remain agile to the changing demands on your business. 

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