Automated Invoice Management and Processing

Streamline your invoice processing and management while gaining real-time visibility of purchase commitments

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We understand your Invoice Management challenges

  • Invoice processing is a high touch, manual activity.
  • Inefficient, error-prone process leads to excess costs and inaccurate, late payments.
  • Unstructured invoices – dealing with all types of invoices (which have no common format) across the supply chain is a challenge with many issues.
  • The opportunity for broader finance transformation is difficult until accounts payable processes are improved and automated.
  • There is limited visibility of invoicing data.

Case Studies
Case study
Bauer Media achieves straight-through invoice processing and payment with Proactis
Case study
P&O Ferrymasters improves cash flow and reduces invoice processing costs by over 35%
Case study
Roll Group achieves full control of expenditure with ‘straight-through processing’ of invoices

We have 
the solution

With Proactis Invoice Management you obtain a highly automated, lower cost process that greatly streamlines processing of all invoices from receipt to payment. It provides you with real-time visibility of what's happening in your finance operation, unlocking the key information you need for enhanced financial decision making.
By streamlining the whole process from receipt to payment, using 2 or 3-way matching, you can unlock cash flow, minimize risks and improve productivity.

What you can do
Have every invoice
in the right place

Proactis Invoice Management helps you get and maintain control of the whole invoicing process - from registration, to matching, to payment. It provides complete automation and will remove administrative work by ensuring that problem invoices are processed quickly and efficiently. Invoices are imported electronically, depending on the supplier. Paper invoices can also be received and processed with minimal fuss.

Fast processing
of problem invoices

The software will check invoices automatically against the existing purchase file (purchase order and goods receipt). A subtotal for each order, a tax amount and a total amount is then calculated, based on the order data. If the documents match, the invoice will be approved automatically. Problem invoices are sent to the responsible employee through a workflow with any additional information. If a purchase order has not been determined, the system will send the invoice for approval to the correct budget holder.

Simple passing
for payment

Once the matching process is complete, all approved invoices can be passed for payment immediately. The system will ensure that the authorizer receives the payment instructions for this, and forwards the invoice information to your financial system. The financial information, such as cost center and ledger account number, have already been completed with the order. Invoices passed for payment can also be processed in a batch file and sent to the bank.

Strategic, automated

Getting all suppliers to submit electronic invoices from the source is clearly the most efficient strategy, however in many cases is an unrealistic expectation. A buying organisation therefore needs to look at its digital ready-suppliers in the first instance to ensure they submit eInvoices from the source, and then fully support the rest of its supply chain with a planned, agile AP and invoicing strategy that can handle all invoice formats.

Automated real-time visibility of invoices to support accurate reporting and audit trail 

With Proactis 
you can achieve:

  • 100% digital invoicing process.
  • Automation - from receipt of invoice to payment.
  • Easily accessible invoices with order and delivery data
  • Faster invoice processing and payment
  • Fully automated and transparent invoice processing, in one location.
  • More efficient processing of problem invoices.
  • Clear audit trail for accurate reporting of your financial data.
  • Reduced administrative workload.
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