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We understand your Accounts Payable challenges

  • Unstructured invoicing and limited automation – dealing with all types of invoices (which have no common format) across the supply chain is a challenge with many issues.
  • Paper and PDF invoices lead to extensive manual keying and associated keying errors, as well as misplaced paper documents.
  • These manually intensive, error-prone processes lead to non-conforming invoices, excess costs, inaccurate payments and the risk of fraud.
  • Lack of efficiency in your software eliminates the ability to take advantage of early payment revenues.
  • The opportunity for broader finance transformation is difficult until accounts payable processes and systems are improved.

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We have
the solution

Take advantage of our fully managed service where all your invoices are automated and 100% touchless from day 1, converting your entire process into a consolidated and streamlined digital machine.

You’ll be able to capture all of your paper and pdf invoices format them into into eInvoices, validate their accuracy by checking for a PO, duplicates and a valid supplier, build approval workflows, and then transfer them into your finance system for matching and payment processing.

Our fully-automated solution allows you to gain complete audit visibility, stronger compliance, and the opportunity to support suppliers with low barrier entry and early payments without adversely affecting your cashflow - as well as enhancing supplier engagement and reducing invoice fraud.

What you can do
Intelligent document and data capture

Turn paper and PDF invoices into ready-to-process electronic records using advanced OCR scanning technology. It captures a scanned image of the document, extracts all the key information, creates an electronic record and provides instant access to the electronic image of the invoice.

Switch to 100% paperless invoicing - from day one 

Further increase efficiencies by eliminating the use of paper invoices with any type or size of supplier. You can select the best-fit approach for each supplier, including high volume/frequent suppliers as well as low volume/infrequent suppliers. These include: eInvoice file transfer, online supplier self-service direct entry and ‘PO Flip’ invoice submission.

Make processing hands-free, wherever possible

Processing becomes highly streamlined because coding is ready-populated upstream. Invoice receipt, review, matching and approval can be handled automatically, saving hours for your staff, while stopping fraud and error. Faster processing leads to easier cash management, swifter payments and early discounts.

Benefit from closer supplier relationships

AP Automation becomes even more efficient when combined with The Business Network from Proactis. You can take collaboration to the next level and embrace 'best practice', streamlining communications and providing suppliers with a wealth of self-service tools.

Proven quantifiable success

  • Bauer Media reduced Accounts Payable costs by 66%, whilst improving supplier experience.
  • Mears increased AP performance by 500% (1,600,000 invoices per annum).
  • Four Seasons Health Care reduced costs by 41%, while improving efficiency by 65%, all within 12 months of softwrae implementation.​
  • P&O Ferrymasters reduced invoice processing costs by over 35%.
  • Screwfix saves over $100,000 per annum continuously.
  • Wigan Council achieved 66% processing cost savings.

With Proactis’ AP Automation solutions you can achieve:

  • 100% capture of all invoices from day one.
  • Reduced errors and faster invoice matching and approval.
  • Reduced cost of Accounts Payable.
  • Early payment revenues.
  • Better cashflow.
  • Reduced fraudulent activity.
  • Complete supplier self-service.
  • Stronger supplier relationships.
  • Improved audit visibility.
  • Better data for spend analysis.
  • A fully automated process. 

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What you can do

Automate the process by quickly onboarding new suppliers, allowing them to edit their information and adding missing PO numbers as part of a ‘No-PO, No-Pay’ policy.


100% invoice capture
from day 1

Turn paper and PDF invoices into ready-to-process electronic records using advanced OCR scanning technology. Further increase efficiencies by accepting eInvoices from source, including XML, direct entry via a portal, and ‘PO Flip’ invoice submission.


Integrate with your
finance/ERP system

Feed all eInvoices into your chosen finance system or ERP software for matching and approval. Our solutions are system agnostic and are able to integrate with all ERP software and financial systems.

Turn your AP function
into a revenue center

Support your suppliers and generate revenue, by offering early invoice payment without adversely affecting your cashflow or payment terms.

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We are able to help reduce time spent on invoice processing with our managed or self-serve invoice capture solutions. We can digitize 100% of your invoices, regardless of the format you receive them in, allowing you to remain agile to the changing demands on your business. 

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