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The P2P process

Purchase-to-Pay, also known as Procure-to-Pay and abbreviated to P2P, is made up of a number of stages that describe the end-to-end purchase-to-pay-process from an organization ordering a product or service to making the subsequent payment. Purchase-to-Pay is intrinsically linked to your operational procurement processes, from order requisitioning to the processing of the invoice. Procurement and invoice processing are often complex processes, with requirements for administrative handling and numerous approval steps. By simplifying these processes, you can take a big step towards your digital transformation goals.

Proactis Purchase-to-Pay software helps ensure only appropriate purchases are made by increasing compliance with authorization policies and procedures, while reducing the cost of the Accounts Payable function by automating the great majority of invoice processing. Our solutions provide Finance professionals with the tools they need to effectively improve the bottom-line by reducing cost and improving financial management. 

Download our easy step-by-step guide to building your Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) business case.
P2P systems consist of a number essential components:
  • Buying - Requisitioning, approval, ordering and receiving, while, preventing unauthorised purchases and maintain control.
  • Hiring - Instant access to who you are hiring as temporary staff, from which supplier, and for what cost.
  • Budget Management - Real-time insight into budgets with clear dashboards and reports for complete budget control.
  • Invoicing - Automated invoice registration, validation, matching and payment approval for PO and non-PO invoices.
With these components integrated into a single P2P software system, the entire process becomes automated, collaborative and streamlined, carries a complete audit trail, and captures purchase history for later spend analysis.

Control the whole
buying process

With Proactis Purchase-to-Pay you can control the whole buying process, from initial request through to payment for good/services received and the authorization process of an order takes place before the order requisition is placed, thus streamlining the invoicing process. 

Visibility, while
ensuring compliance

Simplify the day-to-day Purchase-to-Pay process while ensuring compliance with all sourcing, authorization and financial controls. Managers have immediate visibility of request details along with related financial information to support daily buying decisions and budget control. 

Simplify the order
requisition process

Our P2P solutions improve your procurement process for every member of your staff. They can also check the status of their own orders, in a user-friendly environment, while you are safe in the knowledge that they are ordering within the defined procedures, valid supplier contracts and budgets. 

The Procure to Pay Process: Explained - The secret to effective, agile, automated P2P 

Purchase-to-Pay: Get a handle on how your organization really buys goods and services
Learn the 5 key questions you should ask about your organization’s Purchase-to-Pay process in order to drive savings. 

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Purchase-to-Pay: Explained
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We are able to help reduce time spent on invoice processing, and the entire Purchase-to-Pay process, with our managed or self-serve invoice capture solutions. We can digitize 100% of your invoices, regardless of the format you receive them in, allowing you to remain agile to the changing demands on your business. 

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