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As a leader, you have a lot to do. There’s never enough time. It’s hard to find and attract all the right talent. Budgets are always tight. You know the opportunities to improve, but how do you get things moving? How do you get extra help or expertise when you need it? How do you free up your best people's time from routine tasks to work towards more strategic objectives?

These questions are as important as any in determining your ultimate level of success. 

Not just a technology company, a people business

There are critical moments when having just the right people working alongside you can make all the difference. Some initiatives just need a jump-start and some processes need a long-term partnership. Our expert services provide both, and it's delivering results for companies the world over.

Powered by our own technology and delivered by experienced professionals, we offer a range of services that can either support on-going support functions or enable you to truly transform the way your organization operates. 

Working with you and your teams to achieve your desired goals

Each service can be tailored to your specific needs using flexible delivery and deployment models and the best mix of people, processes and technology. We employ proven best practices in our processes and adhere to accepted industry standards.

Each service leverages our relevant expertise and technology to deliver results to you. We can perform particular functions in less time and at lower cost because of our focus and scale – we know how to do it well, we have all the right tools, and we do it every day. 

Expert Services
Managed Sourcing Services
Streamline procurement and gain greater value across more categories in less time
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Managed Sourcing Services Explained
Discover what managed sourcing services is and how our team can enhance your sourcing process
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Reverse Auctions for Strategic Sourcing
Improve your bidding and purchasing process to achieve the best possible price price and value
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Video - Managed Sourcing Services
Watch the overview of how you can gain greater value in more categories in less time
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Public Sector Sourcing
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Catalog Management
Get suppliers on board easily, while efficiently managing catalogs
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Invoice Capture Service
Drive down costs and increase 'straight-through' processing
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Tail-Spend Management
Take charge of tail-spend
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The Business Network
Making all forms of interaction and commerce faster, easier and more cost effective
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