Seamless integration with your systems

We understand your 
Integration challenges

  • Spend management systems should not just provide efficiency gains, but also improve collaboration.
  • Employees should be able to access the right information at the right time, without having to switch between applications.
  • Procurement and Finance systems should work hand-in-hand, along with business-critical applications such as ERP systems.
  • You want to be able to exchange information with your suppliers and systems quickly and without problems.


We have
the solution

Whatever your IT landscape, the proven open architecture of the Proactis platform makes it possible to integrate with virtually any type of application, from financial software and ERP, to HR and logistics packages – including SAP, Oracle, Coda, Unit4, Exact, Microsoft Dynamics and many other applications.
Our technology ensures that you make efficient use of master data such as information about suppliers, accounting (cost centers, cost accounts, tax codes, etc.) and organization (business units, users, budgets, user access and user roles, etc.). Additionally, key operational interfaces are available for exchange of, amongst others, liabilities, entries, payment files, etc. This data transfer can be automated based on your preferences.

What you can do
Spend Analysis

Cleansing and classification of transaction data leads to more spend visibility. Deep-dive analysis identifies appropriate strategies at a category or supplier level to tackle the large number of suppliers that are not managed because the spend per supplier is just too small, as well as the highly transactional and fragmented spend, involving many one-off purchases. 


Category-specific sourcing methodologies and tools such as contracts, rapid RFx, spend aggregation, global supplier database, supplier rationalisation, eMarket place and consortium buying are used to accelerate the execution of identified opportunities and deliver savings, measured in hard dollars. 

Ongoing spot buys

A highly efficient spot buy desk targets identified savings opportunities using highly streamlined sourcing and standardised templates to run sourcing projects. A team of professional buyers consolidate the process and use a variety of best practice tools and methodologies to extract savings while meeting business criticality for every purchase. 

Online self-service solutions

Purchases that fall below the tactical buying desk’s spend threshold can be routed to online self-service eProcurement solutions, which employees can use to search for and buy indirect goods they need. Maverick buying can be further reduced by the use of online Catalogues, Punchouts, P-cards and improved compliance management. 

Optimum integration with any system, inside or outside your organization

With Proactis you 
can achieve:

  • High quality, cost-efficient integration with single or multiple systems.
  • Data transfer can be automated, based on your preferences.
  • Improved Supplier relationships.
  • Easy application modifications due to proven flexibility.
  • Implementation of most standard interfaces and more complex environments with multiple systems.
  • Full confidence across your teams and IT function that your solutions can work together.
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