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Proactis goes beyond just automating the way things are done today to establish new, better processes that significantly improve organizational performance and bottom-line results. Regardless of whether you manage the implementation yourself or outsource it to one of our experienced consultants, our aim is to connect people, business and technology as optimally as possible.
Our solutions enable executives to dramatically improve the way their entire organization operates by instituting proven best practices, streamlining business processes and improving controls.


Our approach

Only Proactis combines the full range of capabilities you need to streamline the entire process with the intuitive, easy-to-use design you need for organization-wide adoption, and the built-in deployment flexibilities you need to make it fit seamlessly within your unique organizational, operational and systems environment.
We understand every organization is different, but at the same time no one really wants to develop or maintain custom software in today’s world – that’s why we’ve built our solutions to be highly flexible to support any organizational structure you have today, or may have in the future.

What you can do
A unique path to best practice

Our agile implementation approach is based on proven PRINCE2 methodology and is unique due to sole focus on your objectives. What you want to achieve is central to every step in the implementation process. Thorough analysis with you determines the scope and configuration to help ensure that you can continue to use your system to its full potential. You maintain control over the process and it is easier for you to realize potential savings. Our best practice advice gives you the certainty of a robust and future-proof design for your system.

Focus on big opportunities

Any software implementation needs to start with efforts that provide quick, meaningful results. Once we have a clear picture of your environment and goals, we work with you to identify your biggest opportunities – we only recommend what will most directly address your goals. We outline the deployment and licensing options, help you choose the approach that best fits your needs and help you set clear, measurable objectives. And we help you get the job done with whatever resources you need to complement your team.

Seamless integration with existing business systems

We know you can only utilize our solutions if they effectively co-exist with your existing financial and operational systems – that’s why we’ve built our solutions to be “agnostic” towards surrounding systems, with a framework for smooth integration with whatever systems you have in place today or in the future.

Generic implementation

If you wish to execute the project yourself, you will still receive training based on our best practice experiences in relation to previous implementations. This is supported by a generic test environment so you can get started yourself in configuring the system based on your preferences and requirements. Once you have completed this stage, you can go through the configuration with one of our consultants. There will be room for advice during this stage so that any issues can be resolved. Further support is available if required.

Solve your problems and realize your vision with a unique combination of software and our approach

Delivering greater 
bottom-line value

Although we ultimately help customers use our solutions to automate, streamline, and standardize the many different activities involved in Spend Management, our approach is based first and foremost on understanding and improving business processes. The technology is an essential ingredient, but it is not the full solution. We offer a unique combination of software and services to deliver greater bottom-line value.

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