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Taking efficiency and profitability to the next level in the face of intense competition has never been more important

This is a challenging time for retailers. And it's a tough time for retail sector Finance and Procurement leaders. Suppliers are forcing up costs, consumer sentiment and omni-channel competition are pushing down retail prices, and everyone is looking to shore up margins.

You’ve probably developed pretty mature procurement processes – especially for your GFR (Goods for Resale) spend. At the same time, you probably recognize that the low-hanging fruit within your GNFR (Goods Not for Resale) spend has already been harvested and you need to focus on broader transformational programs to really drive down costs.

The Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) framework for indirect spend is a whole different ballgame. Your Accounts Payable (AP) process is almost certainly still costing more than you know it should. And across the board, supplier relationships may not be as good as you would like. All of these areas have their unique challenges. And, you can never let up on any of them.
There's a clear path for retailers to take
Transform the way you source, purchase and pay for all the goods and services required to run your business. Simply apply the right tools and practices to your respective GFR and GNFR activities.

Take your efficiency and profitability to the next level - effective procurement and spend management can be more ingrained and enabled in your organization’s daily operations, such as strategic sourcing events for all types of GFR and GNFR categories, better management of supplier contracts and relationships, a control framework for the P2P process, and transforming the AP process.
We're making it happen for leading retailers:
Case studies
Our solutions don't just add technology for the sake of it,
they create savings, value and competitive advantage.
A 120-store supermarket chain has used Proactis Sourcing Managed Services...

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…to help save over $24 million with an 18x ROI across grocery, produce, general merchandise, equipment, supplies and other categories.
A supply chain cooperative with procurement responsibility for a popular franchise chain...

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…of over 3,000 stores has made eSourcing a strategic part of their procurement strategy. With the help of Proactis, savings are at $10 million and counting.
A 200-store US grocery and general merchandise retailer has increased Procurement capacity...

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…with Proactis Sourcing Managed Services and achieved $200 million in savings using only one internal dedicated resource.
A regional specialty market offering hard-to-find products at low prices in the Northeast United States...

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…uses Proactis Purchase-to-Pay to streamline and better-manage the day-to-day purchasing process for all its GNFR spend at HQ and all locations.