Proactis for
the Public Sector

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With complex regulations and legislation, government procurement professionals are looking for an eProcurement solution to solve their daily challenges.
Vendor Management
Improve data timeliness, accuracy and performance with a 360º supplier view.

Supplier Portal
Provide suppliers with 24/7 secure access for profile management, bid response, contract receipt, order management and invoice creation.

Solicitation Management
Streamline the bid creation to award process for a more efficient, compliant and transparent events.

Contract Management
Manage contracts from a centralized repository for improved visibility, lower risk and accountability.
Order Management
Purchase goods and services from hosted catalogs, supplier websites or add off-catalog items to source.

Receipt Management
Goods and services, full or partial shipments, log quality and only pay for what you receive.

Invoice Management
Accurately match and pay invoices in a timely manner.

Manage what you now can see. Create custom reports and dashboards.
Achieve greater visibility, full transparency and higher efficiencies for a more responsive government
Improve services and transform delivery in the face of ever-increasing scrutiny and regulation

With complex regulations and ever-changing legislation, public services professionals are increasingly looking for opportunities to achieve spending targets while protecting frontline services.

But at the same time, demand for services is rising, communities are growing, populations are aging and expectations are increasing too. Citizens often assume that a wider range of services should be readily available on demand within our 24/7, online world. Never before have public sector Finance and Procurement departments been under such scrutiny.

State and local governments are all facing these complex challenges without a straightforward path to transform the way spend is managed.

Achieve greater value and efficiency to deliver better services

Explore how to digitally transform your eProcurement processes, drive up efficiency and meet your spending targets. The power of digital technology and data can be used to better engage with departments, suppliers, citizens and communities using cloud technologies and self-service tools.

With Proactis, we make this possible – you can deliver improved operations efficiency, greater governance, risk mitigation and monetary savings. With the right approach, effective spend management can be more ingrained and enabled within your department.

Proactis serves more than 300 Public Sector customers globally
A US City Government, with more than 42 departments and 35,000 purchase transactions made annually...

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…streamlined vendor registration and maintenance and eliminated redundant databases using Proactis. Vendor participation increased by 50% through complete, city-wide implementation with an anticipated 10% procurement processing cost saving across the City's 42 departments.
A leading university, with a world-class reputation for research excellence, that has more than 23,000 students and 5,500 staff...

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…places over 32,000 orders worth over $7.5 million with a low cost, streamlined process that is now auditable and compliant.
The national government of the most developed country in the Eastern Caribbean with annual spend of $1.5 billion…

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…with over 16,000 suppliers and 310,000 invoices a year has deployed the entire Proactis Source-to-Contract in just five months to remove inefficient, time-consuming activities, promote greater competition among bidding suppliers and achieve greater compliance through the use of international best practices in procurement.
22 of 24 county councils use elements of the Proactis Spend Management and eProcurement suite…

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…In one example, two councils teamed up to use the integrated end-to-end eProcurement suite to achieve £2.2 million in process efficiency savings plus a further £1.3 million from use of eSourcing and eAuction solutions. In another case, the average cost of a purchase transaction has fallen by 80% from £35 to less than £7 with Proactis.