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Managed Reverse Auctions

With our personalized approach for every client, you can run more e-Sourcing events in less time and save money — without having to hire additional personnel, build a team or learn a new technology.

  • 15,000+ auctions delivered
  • 1,500+ categories sourced
  • $1.6BN savings generated
  • 20 years' experience

We help you source what
you need

We work with you to drive operational efficiencies and additional value from your reverse auctions – freeing up your staff’s time to focus on more strategic initiatives.

For more than 20 years, Proactis (formerly Intesource) has extended in-house buyer expertise for both direct and indirect spend – even for the most unconventional reverse auction projects. Significant process changes are not required to utilize Proactis Managed Services, and you will have instant confidence that you are getting the best value, every time.

You're in control, we provide the benefits

With the Proactis e-Sourcing service you can:

  • Achieve immediate savings from greater sourcing capacity.
  • Generate significant cost savings in certain categories of spend by facilitating real-time, interactive, competitive bids between sellers.
  • Access a range of new suppliers. 
  • Plan and execute online events with minimal fuss - no matter how complex. 
  • Consolidate purchase categories, and ensure best value with every purchase.
  • Continue business as usual.
  • Free up your team by removing tactical time-consuming sourcing activities.
  • Ensure a broader, more rationalized supplier base.
  • Increase overall value through savings and quality of purchases.
  • Improve supplier policy compliance and transparency.
  • Strengthen supplier relationships.
  • Benefit from the right online environment and well-orchestrated events.
  • Extend your team but still be in complete control.