Future-proofing your AP Payments processes : Navigating fraud, efficiency and growth.

On-Demand Webinar

Proactis and Finexio

In this webinar, Michael Ereli, US Market Director at Proactis, and Chris Wyatt, Chief Strategy & Product Officer at Finexio, will showcase best practices to unlock your AP department's potential for growth. Discover how you can revolutionize your AP payments process, freeing up to 84% of your AP staff's time from arduous manual tasks. In this session, we'll explore the following essential topics: 
  • The true cost of AP Payments fraud: Understand the profound impact of fraud on your business and learn strategies to mitigate this financial menace. 
  • Mitigating risk with digital payments: Examine the vulnerabilities posed by physical checks and card payments and discover how simply switching to electronic payments can significantly reduce risk. 
  • Efficiency gains through fraud prevention: Uncover how a focus on reducing fraud risk can simultaneously save time and valuable resources spent on manual processes. 

Don't miss this opportunity to unlock new dimensions of efficiency, security, and growth for your AP department. Join us to gain the insights and tools you need to thrive in the evolving landscape of modern payments. 

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