Electronic workflow

Manual purchasing processes that rely on paper documents for requisitions, purchase orders, invoices, catalogs, supplier questionnaires, etc. are inherently cumbersome, slow, prone to losing documents, and unable to provide management visibility. Partially automated processes only slightly alleviate these problems.
As a fully electronic system, Proactis eliminates paper shuffling and lost records, significantly speeds the process, and automatically maintains a complete record of activity for immediate visibility of current status, complete reporting and analysis, and easy auditing.

Electronic transactions
Electronic transactions eliminate paper and make all documents instantly available, including:

  • Requisitions, purchase orders, and invoices.

  • Supplier directory and contract repository.

  • RFx and supplier recruiting questionnaires.

  • Supplier catalogs.

Sophisticated process flow
Rules-driven workflow automates the proper procedures and makes life easier for everyone involved. Workflow features include:

  • All workflow rules are managed using simple wizard-based techniques.

  • Rules are presented in simple, visual hierarchies to deliver a clear understanding of the process.

  • Any number of conditions can be managed, and can act as triggers for workflow branches.

  • There can be any number of authorization stages, each progressed by any number of personae.

  • Each persona can be an individual, or a group of people, or a meta-group called an Authorization Pool (e.g. “Manager”).

  • Each process can be time-escalated, either automatically or by a more senior user.

  • Every process-step can be notified by email (by individual subscription) to the recipient and is displayed on the recipient’s desktop.

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