University of Sussex revolutionizes its invoice processing with Proactis

Proactis, the spend management experts, has revealed that the University of Sussex, a leading research-intensive university, is using Proactis Invoice Capture to streamline its invoicing processes to drive extra value across the institution.

The University, also a user of Proactis' Source-to-Contract solution, is able to capture invoices, convert non-electronic data into eInvoices, validate accuracy by checking for a PO, duplicates and a valid supplier, and then transfer them into the finance system for matching and payment approval - removing a substantial amount of paper and manual keying in the process.

"Invoice Capture has revolutionized the way we process invoices," stated Sean Howard, Head of Financial Operations Accounts Payable at the University. Over the last 2 years over 60,000 invoices have been successfully processed, vastly improving the efficiency and quality of the processing. "Duplicates and errors have been vastly reduced, and this has saved the team valuable time in terms of manual processing."

The Accounts Payable team has been able to focus on the value-add tasks within the function, such as supplier reconciliations, training end-users and improving customer service. As a result, the University has achieved a cost saving of at least 1 FTE in the AP department. "With the recent issue of Covid19, thanks to Proactis, we have still been able to deliver our normal Accounts Payable service remotely, with very little disruption,” continued Sean. “Our Proactis solutions have been hugely helpful during the situation. We moved off site very quickly but we were able to do this with confidence that none of our processes would suffer as a result, as throughout the whole process we had complete support from the Proactis team."