Proactis & FISCAL Technologies join forces to provide full visibility for robust business decisions

Proactis, the global spend management company, has announced a new partnership with FISCAL Technologies to help customers improve visibility and reduce risk across their finance function.

FISCAL Technologies is a leading provider of forensic solutions that enable Purchase-to-Pay teams around the world to protect organizational spend.

"We already have a number of mutual customers so there is established synergy of solutions and expertise between Proactis and FISCAL Technologies," stated Deborah Jones, Partner Manager at Proactis.

Incorporating unique technology to reduce risk in the supply chain, FISCAL’s NXG Forensics® enterprise solutions are used on a continuous, preventative basis to protect supplier spend, to reduce risk, defend against fraud and to drive process improvement.  NXG Forensics employs machine learning and AI to adapt and apply industry-recognized logic, financial analytics and unique complex algorithms to meet each organization’s specific data structure and processes. This reduces incidence of false positives and identifies risks with great depth, accuracy and clarity. Results of AI-generated complex analysis is then delivered in understandable and easy-to-act-upon dashboards.

Deborah continued, "NXG Forensic fits perfectly into Proactis' suite of Source-to-Pay solutions and adds significant additional value for a customer, prior to making payment, by providing an extra level of assurance and audit controls to avoid inappropriate payments being made. We are very much looking forward to working with the FISCAL Technologies team."

"At FISCAL Technologies, we pride ourselves on delivering industry-leading forensic software solutions that empower Purchase-to-Pay teams to protect organizational spend," stated Colin Rigby, Head of Strategic Alliances and Channel at FISCAL Technologies. "Together with Proactis we can help provide greater clarity and visibility of financial risk to enable organizations to make more robust, better-informed decisions and protect working capital."

About FISCAL Technologies
FISCAL Technologies is a world leading provider of forensic solutions and services that empower purchase-to-pay teams across the globe to protect organizational spend.

Incorporating unique technology to reduce risk in the supply chain, FISCAL Technologies’ award‑winning, cloud-based risk management platform is used on a continuous, preventative basis to protect supplier spend, defend against fraud, increase profitability and drive process improvement.

Since 2003, FISCAL has safeguarded hundreds of millions of transactions and is now relied on by leading private and public sector organizations.