Proactis and Commerce Decisions to deliver comprehensive sourcing solution set to Transport for London

Commerce Decisions has successfully renewed its contract with Transport for London (TfL), providing the AWARD® evaluation solution to run alongside the Proactis Sourcing Solution to support the running of procurement across TfL.

Given the scale and complexity of TfL, the procurement exercises undertaken by the organization are vast and considerably varied. Commerce Decisions has enjoyed a long running relationship with TfL since 2006, with AWARD® supporting all major projects; providing TfL with the structure and flexibility to deliver on its numerous large-scale, strategic procurements with confidence.

AWARD® enables organizations to standardize their evaluation methodologies and processes, ensuring that project teams have access to the same robust and structured procurement approach. AWARD’s inherent flexibility means that it can provide real-time updates on the progress of the evaluation with a clear and transparent audit trail, ensuring that it was on track to achieve key milestones.

TfL contracted with Proactis in March 2017 for its Sourcing Solution, enabling them to streamline and manage their full tendering process.

Proactis Sourcing provides a series of flexible, collaborative and efficient methods for performing effective competitive sourcing events of all types. It enables a structured, transparent and easily tracked process from expression of need through final contract award. Proactis Sourcing is a cloud-based solution that facilitates interactive supplier communication.