The Regional University Hospital of Nancy calls on Proactis to manage its procurement

June 2021 - Proactis, the spend management experts, has revealed that the Regional University Hospital of Nancy, France, has chosen Proactis to optimise its procurement.

The Nancy CHRU (Centre Hospitalier R├ęgional Universitaire), which has 9,000 professionals, is the support establishment for the South Lorraine Hospital Group (GHT), which is made up of 11 member establishments. The group was looking for a solution to unify and simplify the management of its supplies.

By collaborating with Proactis, the Nancy CHRU, and eventually the entire GHT, will be able to use a state-of-the-art procurement solution. Each establishment will be able to benefit from a single tool for managing orders and receipts for all types of purchases. The Proactis solution will cover the procurement and approval processes, as well as the sending of orders to the institutions' financial management software (GEF). Additional capabilities such as real-time administration and mass management of repositories mean the solution can be adapted to the various organizational changes within the hospitals.

The solution will also enable any offers to be circulated to all the establishments belonging to the GHT, thus generating expected purchasing gains. In addition, it will simplify the spend and facilitate budgetary management by giving the user real-time visibility into spend.

"We liked the ease of use of the Proactis procurement solution, which will improve user adoption, particularly thanks to features such as the intuitive item search," explains St├ęphanie Geyer, Purchasing and Logistics Director. "We now have a single demand management tool which we will be able to extend to all purchasing segments and to the entire GHT. "

Olivier Jung, Director of Proactis France, added: "Due to our long experience in the healthcare sector, we are able to address the specific procurement needs of hospitals. We are very pleased to be involved in the next stage of digital transformation of public services and more specifically of the Nancy CHRU. Our solution will enable better traceability of transactions and more visibility on all expenses, as well as precise control of committed spend."