Leeds Beckett University streamlines purchasing processes with Proactis

Proactis, the global spend management company, has announced that Leeds Beckett University is using Proactis to drive extra value, improve compliance, and eliminate wasted time by managing their institution-wide purchasing.

The University is using Proactis marketplace functionality to host all supplier catalogs and punch-outs as required. It provides buyers around the institution with a single online destination so they can quickly and easily find, compare and choose what they need, when they need it, from preferred suppliers.

Proactis feeds directly into the Unit4 Business World so the institution only has to manage a single connection from the ERP system. All orders, whether punch-out, hosted catalog or free-text are electronically sent to the supplier via the marketplace, once raised in Business World.

Sarah Coll, Head of Procurement at the University, stated: “Our main driver was to implement a marketplace that integrated with our ERP system and enabled us to distribute purchase orders electronically. Proactis enables employees to quickly and easily get what they need to do their jobs, all via a single, user-friendly interface. This saves time and ensures buyers are only buying from approved suppliers, at the right prices. Proactis was also the best fit for our supplier profile, as it gave complete flexibility depending on each supplier’s eCommerce readiness."