Eidosmedia selects Proactis to streamline its spend management process

Proactis, the global spend management company, is proud to announce that Eidosmedia has selected Proactis to digitize, automate and streamline its spend management process across its organization, in multiple countries.

With over 230 employees, Eidosmedia is a world leader in the development of content management and digital publishing solutions. Founded in 1999, it has offices in Milan, London, Paris, Frankfurt, New York, Sydney and Shanghai.

The Proactis solutions will support the day-to-day purchasing process in a way that ensures compliance with the organization’s sourcing and authorization rules. The solution will help avoid unnecessary or unsuitable spend, while making it as easy as possible for employees throughout the organization to buy the goods and services they need.

“Our Business Spend Management solution combines the full range of capabilities needed to further streamline Eidosmedia’s procurement process, including sourcing, contract management and ordering,” stated Bert de Groot, Senior Account Manager at Proactis. “Both Eidosmedia and Proactis have embraced the modern way of working, with the majority of the project to be implemented remotely. Proactis’ intuitive and easy-to-use design will help Eidosmedia increase visibility of supplier contracts and maximise visibility of corporate spend across the organization.”

The initial implementation will be for the Milan office, where 90% of the organization’s spend takes place. As the solution will be implemented completely digitally and remotely, the people at Eidosmedia will be able to access the platform any time, anywhere and from any device, even during uncertain times. The Proactis solution will enable business as usual with the organization able to focus on crucial management objectives and minimizing risk.